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Book an Opal-Show with Emil Weis Opals!

Presenting a unique selection of opals, professional cutting of rough opals and a lot more -
live at your location!

The world of opals is exceptionally wide and fascinating. We offer a unique selection of this intriguing gemstone that you can only find in our variety of goods. Additionally, to the Australian Opals like the Boulder Opal, the Yowah- Nut Opal, the Light Opal and the famous Black Opal, we also offer an exclusive selection of the fascinating Fire Opal in all its varieties. Our collection for your exhibition contains not only a wide range of cut opals and fine jewelry, but also a great variety of opal necklaces, Exotic Opals from around the world and a unique selection of uncut opals and collectors’ stones.

Our collection can always be altered according to your personal preferences! 

Typical Australian and Mexican accessories and appealing door stoppers and banners add to the perfect ambience of your location. In addition, we can provide show cases if you want to expand your exhibition area. Our mobile opal cutting equipment rounds off the exclusive opal event: your customers can watch the captivating process of turning an uncut rough opal into a beautiful gemstone when layer after layer the colors of the rainbow are revealed by our master cutter. Also, customers’ pieces of opal jewelry can be repolished on demand.

Profit from our knowledge and experience with opals deriving from our family business in the fourth generation. More than 117 years of opal history and captivating tales of discovering and mining opals accompany the conversations with your customers.

Furthermore, we can offer educational training of your sales team in opal matters. Each event can be accompanied with a speech about opal mining and cutting to which you can exclusively invite your customers to experience impressions from the far outback first hand.

For more information, please contact us - we look forward to hearing from you!

Professional cutting of rough opals

Your customer can purchase an uncut opal from Australia, Mexico or many other countries from around the world and watch and experience how this opal is cut into shape and reveals all its beauty.

Impresions from opal shows

Australian and Mexican atmosphere… from Australia’s red sand to the Mexican fire… Typical Australian and Mexican accessories and an appealing back ground banner of high-quality round off the live atmosphere …