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Leopard Opal – Wild Cat Magic

A Gem as Mysterious as the Wild Cat of the Savannah


Leopard Opal is predominantly black basalt stone with numerous small opalescent “eyes” shimmering in all colours. The lively stone, with its mysterious, almost velvety texture and powerful charisma, is reminiscent of the soft spotted fur of a leopard.
With its mysterious shimmer on a dark background, Leopard Opal harmonises with every fashion colour that is currently in trend.

This opal is said to support our well-being.

Due to the surprisingly flashing colour sparks, which also change depending on light conditions, Leopard Opal has a very invigorating effect on the soul, while the connection with the dark volcanic bedrock also helps to maintain a mental balance and inner peace.

Mining and processing

The only Leopard Opal deposit known to date was discovered in 1967 and is located near Sinaloa, in the Hildalgo province of Mexico.

The deposit is so remote that it can only be reached by horseback, after a ride lasting several hours.
The material is mined by hand, and then has to be transported back to civilization by mule. This time-consuming, labour-intensive process is perhaps the reason why Leopard Opal only rarely appears on the market.