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Fluorite Opal

A Purple Work of Art


Fluorite Opal is considered to be one of the most unusual opal varieties in the world. 

This opal variety was discovered around 1970. It consists mainly of opalised fluorite, and is often mixed with many other minerals, such as agate, chalcedony, dolomite, rhodonite, manganese oxide, and beryllium.

The base colours are purple, lavender, and creamy white, with portions of yellowish-brown and black beryllium in different shades. This opal is also known as Tiffany Stone, named after the world-famous stained glass, which it strongly resembles.

It is said that through Fluorite Opal one can recognize reality as an illusion, that it boosts creativity, and that it provides relief from allergies, skin and respiratory problems, infections and cough, and reduces stress.

Mining and processing

This stone is found only in a very small area close to the town of Delta in the western Mojave Desert in Utah, USA. There, in the Brush Wellman beryllium mine, which is not accessible to the public, small amounts of this rare opal can be found.