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Flamingo Opal - Rose Dreams

A Pink-White Gem from the Heart of Idaho


Flamingo Opal is a fascinating stone with lovely colour zoning. Varying shades of pink alternate with opal layers of beige and cream-white. Small traces of organic compounds embedded in Palygorskite (magnesium aluminum silicate) create subtle nuances in the various pink shades, from a pale pink angelskin shade to intense dark pink.

This enchanting gemstone goes with every fashion trend because of its fairly neutral colouring, and can be worn daily.

Lovely pink-white Flamingo Opals are thought to support our well-being. Our hearts feel spontaneously attracted to them. They encourage us to live together in harmony, with compassion, warmth, and happiness.

Mining and processing

Flamingo Opal is an opal variety from southeastern Idaho, USA, found in the Spencer Opal Mine in Clark County.

The deposit is located at about 2500m altitude in the Rocky Mountains, about 100km west of Yellowstone National Park.