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Stripe Opals – Magic Stripes

The Opal Variety with the Tiger Stripes


Stripe Opals show us the true magic of nature.

This unusual variety of opal reveals beautiful images within the stone, with distinctive patterns in a range of warm, earthy tones. The colour palette ranges from light, sunny yellow to brick red to dark violet-brown in imaginatively superimposed layers.

Some stones show a tiger-stripe pattern, while in others the stripes give the impression of ocean waves. In still others a whole landscape of enchanting beauty can be seen.

Stripe Opals awaken the imagination and the creative spirit, and convey empathy, serenity, and joie de vivre.


Mining and processing

Stripe Opals were discovered in 1970 in the area around Milford at Cedar City in the Utah desert, USA. To date, this is the only location where this opal variety has been found. Stripe Opals have a high value due to their rarity.