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Yowah-Nut Opal - Masterworks of Nature

Yowah-Nut Opals are found in Yowah and the nearby Koroit in Queensland, Australia, usually in a shape that looks like a bigger nut - hence the name. 

Yowah-Nut Opals are famous for being beautiful stones with special patterns often forming pictures. In the earth-brown rock the Opal flashes up in vein like sparkeling lines. When you move a Yowah-Nut Opal it shines with each movement in new colors and patterns. Through these images Mother Earth seems to speak to us. Even the untrained eye can see in these pictures at once a landscape, mysterious paths or fancy creatures. Cut and polished, often in free shapes, true magic stones with amazing expressiveness come into existence.

No wonder that so many inspired artists and Opal collectors eventually develop a special enthusiasm for this Opal variety. Besides its beauty and individuality, Yowah-Nut Opals are said to support imagination and creativity, empathy, cheerfulness and joy of life.

Yowah-Nut Opal jewellery

Here you can see a small selection of jewellery with Yowah-Nut opals.
You can find more examples in the opal jewellery section and in our online shop.

Mining and processing

There, in the most southern mining areas of Queensland, bands of “Boulder-Nuts” fill the sediments, but among thousands of “nuts” there are very few which are filled with Opal. Therefore it is the dream of every Opal miner in Yowah and Koroit, to find an iron-clay-sand “nut” completely filled with Opal.