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Water Opal – Fascinating colors on clear water surface.

Characteristic for this kind of Opal is the transparent to translucent bodycolor. This can be clear as water or can have a hint of very pale blue to a very light yellow orange. In addition to this bodycolor, Water Opals can show a wonderful play-of-color consisting of all the colors of the solar spectrum. This play-of-color is known as opalescence and is due to the Opals elements silica gel and 3-10% water. Embedded in the silica gel are tiny spheres of christobalith in which the incident light is refracted and separated into different color beams. The less silica gel is between the spheres, the more transparent is the Opal.

Water Opals are usually cut into cabochons. Only the completely clear and transparent stones may be faceted.

With its gently shimmering pastel colors, Water Opals are said to be the stones of true artists and creative people. He inspires and encourages imagination and creative spirit.


Water Opal Jewellery

Here you can see a small selection of jewellery with Water opals.
You can find more examples in the opal jewellery section and in our online shop.


Mining and processing

Mexico is also home of the world’s most beautiful Water Opals. You can find this rare and find gemstone in great varieties in our vast Opal collection. Water Opals come from the same deposits in the areas around Magdalena and Querétaro as the world-famous Mexican Fire Opals.