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Opal Matrix

Rainbow Magic. The slightly different opal.

The Opal Matrix is an opal variety with a colourful play-of-colour on a darker bodycolour. It consists of a light to honey-colored mixture of opal, sand, kaolin and clay particles.

In addition to the natural Opal Matrix you can also find the treated Opal Matrix. Since this opal is mostly finely porous, it is the only opal that can be easily treated. The treatment does not change the opal, it only changes the color of the matrix. The treatment is done with sugar solution, which is then carbonized.

After treatment, it sometimes looks deceptively similar to black opal.

Opal Matrix can promote our well-being. It has an opening effect, strengthens the ability to empathize with our fellow human beings and helps to maintain a cheerful mind and inner peace.

Mining and processing

The only known locality of this material is Andamooka in South Australia. Andamooka was discovered around 1930 by farm workers from nearby Andamooka Station and is approximately 600 km north of Adelaide.

Andamooka is known for exceptional opal varieties. Among other things, the most beautiful crystal opals in the world, as well as the unique honey opals are found there.

Since the deposits there are almost exhausted, only very rarely anything is found or offered from old stock.