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Fire Opal Matrix - Mexico's Volcanic Colors

In this colorful Fire Opal variety the red-brown rhyolite (igneous rock) matrix is grown together with the shining Opal. This inconspicuous background is a strong contrast to the vivid play-of-color of the Opal and therefor emphasizing it.

Their usually bright red to yellow-orange color reminds us of the ingenious volcanoes, in which the Mexican Fire Opals were once formed. But a Fire Opal Matrix can look almost transparent as well, so that you have the impression of rainbow colors on the bottom of a clear lake. Depending on the exposure to light different pictures appear. These numerous possibilities can show fascinating miniature landscapes or magical images that captivate the eye and seem to tell stories. There are no limitations for the imagination when looking at a Fire Opal Matrix.

Therefore, this Opal variety is also considered a symbol of serenity and joy of life and is especially popular with artists and creative people.

Mining and processing

The Mountains of Mexico are home to this fascinating Opal variety, whose main mining areas can also be found around Magdalena and Querétaro. There, the search for the precious Opal has a long tradition. Already the Aztecs where looking for the valuable stones and used them for jewelry, mosaics and for ritualistic purposes.