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Zebra Opal – Zebra Fun

Black-White Gem from Australia.


This opal variety presents us with beautiful picture stones and stones with fancy drawings in a black and white effect. There are stones with a regular striped pattern like the coat of a zebra. Other stones show mysterious characters or entire landscapes in black and white and let us rediscover the magic of nature.

The Zebra Opal therefore is much sought-after in the trade and also very rare. Zebra Opals stimulates imagination and creative spirit, and invite you to the serenity and joy of life.


Mining and processing

Zebra Opal comes from a South Australian opal deposit, which has already been known since 1904. It has never been worked extensively, except in 1965, when a few pounds of Zebra Opal were minded. But the deposit was quickly abandoned again.
The mining area is located 80 km north-east of the famous opal fields of Andamooka in South Australia and is known as Charlie Swamp. There are only very small quantities of raw material available, all from this one-time excavation.