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Stripe Opals – Magic Stripes

The Opal Variety with the Tiger Stripes.


By means of Stripe Opals we can experience the magic of nature again.

This kind of opal presents us with beautiful pictures stones, stones with special drawings in the whole range of warm earthy tones. The color palette ranges in fancifully superimposed layers from bright vivid yellow to brick red to dark brown-violet.
There are stones with regular drawings like a tiger skin. In other stones the stripes give the impression of sea waves and you look into a whole landscape of enchanting beauty.

Stripe Opals stimulate imagination and creative spirit and convey empathy, serenity and joie de vivre.


Mining and processing

Stripe Opals were discovered around 1970 in the area around Milford at Cedar City in the Utah desert / USA. This is the only time to date that this opal variety has been discovered. There is no further material mined so Stripe Opals have a great value because of their rareness.