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Pink Opal – Peruvian Dream

Pink Treasure from the Andes of Peru.


Small traces of organic compounds which are embedded in Palygorskite (magnesium aluminum silicate),cause the subtle shades of pink in the opal: from pale pink (angelskin) to intensive dark pink.

The magical Pink Opals fit well with any fashion trends.

Our hearts feel spontaneously attracted to them, for the beautiful, soft pink color has always been associated with the feminine charisma and the all-encompassing power of the heart. Peruvian Pink Opals promote living together in harmony,compassion, warmth and happiness.


Mining and processing

Pink Opal was discovered around 1983. With this a gorgeous opal was found south of Lima in the department of Arequipa in the copper mining district of Acari. Since then it has enjoyed increasing popularity.