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Peruvian Landscape Opal – Andean Magic

Pure Nature from the Andes of Peru.


Peruvian Landscape Opals are a fascinating opal variety from the majestic mountains of the Peruvian Andes. 

The color of the Landscape Opals ranges between blue and green.

Scattered interlaced bands in ocher-yellow and dark green can form fascinating structures that resemble mysterious underwater landscapes. Fine traces of copper in Chrysokoll compounds (Gem Silica) cause the color in the Landscape Opals from the Andes.

Although the rough stones are found in up to 20 cm thick veins, the beautifully drawn Landscape Opals are extremely rare and very popular. 

It is said that Peruvian Landscape Opals lighten up the mood and bring serenity and joy to our lives.


Mining and processing

Peruvian Landscape Opals were discovered around 1983 in the copper mining district of the province Acari southeast of Lima in the department of Arequipa. 

Because there is no regular mining, the material is offered only very rarely.