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Boulder Opal - Outback Dream

Boulder Opals are a particularly popular Australian Opal variety.

In Boulder Opal a layer of valuable Opal is grown together with iron sandstone. So the cut stones show parts of the brown rock as well.

With its vibrant and contrasting colors sitting on dark rock, are Boulder Opals unique in the world of precious stones. The clearer and more brilliant the play-of-color is, the more valuable is a Boulder Opal. Each Boulder Opal is unique in appearance. They often have an irregular surface and are usually cut in free forms, emphasizing their individuality and natural beauty. Left as a rough collectors piece or cut and processed into a magical piece of jewelry, Boulder Opals are sought after worldwide.
It is said, that Boulder Opals emphasize creativity and joy of life, personal growth and earthiness.

Boulder opal jewelry

Here you can see a small selection of jewellery with Boulder opals.
You can find more examples in the  opal jewellery section and in our online shop.

Mining and processing

The main mining areas of the Boulder Opals is in Queensland in a 300 km wide and 800 km long belt of weathered Cretaceous sediments, mainly in the areas around Winton, Vergemont, Jundah, Quilpie, Eromanga, Yowah and Cunnamulla.

With luck, effort and perseverance you will find valuable Opal in an iron-clay mixture in so-called sandstone boulders - with a size of a few centimeters to several meters. Inside the boulders, millions of years ago, the Opal has filled in all colors and shapes the natural cavities such as cracks, crevices or tubes. Boulder Opal is primarily mined in open cuts with the help of heavy machinery, far away from civilization in the widely scattered deposits.