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Opals: They are the most unique and versatile gemstones in the world – and for us, and countless other opal-lovers, the most beautiful! Our goal is to present the world with all the amazing color, sparkle, shine, and shimmer that the many opal varieties have to offer. With our generations of experience and expertise, our rich portfolio is second to none, and we expand more it every day. 

Whether you are looking for an incomparably unique stone, exquisite designer jewelry, a sought-after collector’s piece, or your new best-selling jewelry line: as an international leader in the opal world, thanks to our in-house lapidary and our mining holdings, we are proud to be your partner for all your opal needs!

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Wissenswertes und Besonderheiten der zahlreichen Opalvarietäten aus aller Welt, dazu Informationen zu Gewinnung und Verarbeitung.


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Opalschmuck – All Colours of Life®

Finden Sie in unserem Sortiment liebevoll gestalteten Opalschmuck, der mit Form und Farbe jeden Opalliebhaber verzaubern wird.


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